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  • There will be a delay of several months before nominations are reviewed and/or approved.

  • We encourage people to submit nominations.

  • Please only self-nominate yourself if you are already titled or have an extensive resume of service to the community/ legitimate charitable associations.

  • Please include the following with your self-nomination:

    1. Resume.

    2. Copy of birth certificate or official I.D.

    3. List of other Houses/Orders you are in, with any ranks and/or titles you hold.

    4. Minimum of two [2] letters of reference.

    5. A letter telling us WHY you want to join the Imperial Sovereign House of Kings.


Forward by

H.I.R.M & D.S.S CZAR Darius Adrik Conrad Alexander Salvo

Legal notes:

1. If you are granted title, you must check with your local government as to allowed usage. It must be noted that some countries expressly forbid use of title. You are titled by The Imperial Sovereign House of Kings; however, you must abide by the laws of the nation, and/or region you reside in. You must also act in accord with the Constitution of The Imperial Sovereign House of Kings or title will be stripped.

This is your responsibility- you are deemed titled for life by the House unless you have requested title be voided and House approves voiding of title  (some titles pass to heir).

2. If you are in service to another Royal or Imperial House or Order, it is your responsibility to check the constitution of that House for conflict of interest. Some Royal/Imperial Houses do allow membership in other Houses, many do not.

3. Titles are Honorary - You are not granted land/territory. Titles are attached to the Imperial Sovereign House of Kings ... i.e. if you are granted title of Duke, you are appropriately Duke of the Imperial Sovereign House of Kings. You may at a later date be appointed a specific title of Duke within the House if Territory is by purchased establish. (see Constitution)

4. If you own a Manor, Estate, or Private Island, you may attach your title in conjunction for usage. Example : If you own a Manor called Golden Manor and are appointed title of Count, You may then use title of Count of Golden Manor of Imperial Sovereign House of Kings

Policy: Those Granted Minor Fons Honorum by me for expansion of the Imperial Sovereign House of Kings, shall not sell title, nor accept property in exchange for titles. Titles are granted on merit. If you are granted minor fons honorum by me and use it to disgrace this House, or try to profit selling titles:

1. You will be stripped of title

2. There will be legal charges filed against you.

There is in Truth, no Democracy regardless of the seeming. There are those with greater privilege and those with less. There is also no absolute freedom. We all have duties and responsibilities, to employers, to family, to your community, or if self employed, to operate our business.

The recent generations scream of rights and freedoms, yet they neglect their duties and deem that freedom allows them to be dis-respectful of the freedoms and rights of others. Government has invaded everything. Persons should within their own home have a degree of privacy and to live by their own decree where not  detrimental to others or to the greater society. Consenting adults as a matter of civil law should be able to marry and or form their family units as they choose -  Straight, Gay, Monogamous, or Polygamous.

I have much opposition from some Religious leaders, but let us observe facts.

1. Polygamy is throughout all recorded religion - monogamy is fairly -new and 1/4 of the worlds cultures still have polygamy.

2. Per Christianity, the original disciples and Christian/Catholic church sanctified both same sex unions and polygamous unions until 340 A.D. when the Council of Constance outlawed both; so clearly the original teachings of Christ in no way forbid nor lay shame upon these things. These things are personal between adults and God.

I also do not deem every church, temple, or religion need sanctify such unions.  Merely that they do not crucify those churches and persons which do. Persons will then go to the faith they deem they were truly born for and show respect for the belief of others, while minding civil laws and the rights of others.

I believe strongly all persons should have basic medical needs provided. I am not speaking of cosmetic surgery (Ladies) nor Viagra (Gentlemen). These are luxuries -- go earn your money for such things. We pay taxes. We should all without exception have basics. There should also be free college and continued education throughout ones entire life. Persons wishing to attend Private or more reputable Educational Institutions can pay for them, or have scholarship based on merit.

It is however in World interest that all persons be able, especially in the area of languages to have access to the learning thereof freely and without obstacle. Communication and understanding without mis-interpretation will ultimately solve many of the World's discourses.

Sciences and Arts should be a priority in our lives. Without Art, there is no life or Creation. There is no contradiction between Science and God's will, however we must learn to wield Science wisely. Science itself is always neutral apart from ones intent and usage. It should be used beneficently without abuse.

Nominations: You may nominate to the Imperial Sovereign House of Kings for title, any individual whom you believe has performed or is performing great service to humanity. Please do not request nor expect a specific title nor position in the house, instead provide the persons name, a description of the persons efforts and contact information. I will then look up or ask for additional information if required.

Send Nomination to:   Czar.Darius@ImperialHouseofKings.org

Certificates: If you are titled, you will receive a certificate by file online. The original is sent later by mail with a letter defining specific terms, i.e. all titles are for life, some maybe passed to heirs, some not.

Some titles may be issued with specified minor Fons Honorum and an outline of how you may title on behalf of the house. All titles require final approval of Czar Darius Adrik Salvo I.  It may take 2-8 months before you receive the original certificate.

Best and Regards,

H.I.R.M & D.S.S Darius


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