The Sovereign Empire and Commonwealth of Noto-Holstein

  • Crown Prince and Sovereign Lord
    of Imperial
     Sovereign House of Kings


王 by Grace of God, Forever August, HIRM&DSS IMPERATOR & GRAND CZAR Darius Adrik Conrad Alexander Salvo Noto - Holstein - Gottorp - Trifiro - Kings Arving til Norge, Autocrat Basileus Basileon Basileuon Basileonton Imperium Regnum Dei Domini IMPERATOR SHAHANSHAH ZEUS ANAXANDRON AUTOCRAT AUGUST Duke of Schleswig, Holstein, Dithmarschen and Stormarn, Imperator and Grand Duke de Noto - Fons Honorum, Dynast Illuminatus, Populus Imperium quod Monarchia, Sargon El Elyon Enki manus manus ex quad adveho Gra al, Imperator Magna Siculi Noto Syracusa - Grand Duke Holstein Schweiz, Jus Sanguinis, De Jure Divino, De Jure, De Facto Jus Imperii, Jus Gladii, Jus Honorum, Jus Majestatis


His Imperial Royal Majesty also holds the following titles:

  • Erzherzog Angeln
  • Tsar of Zeta- Dux Croatorum and Knyaz of Dalmatia, Croatia, Montenegro, Moravia, Macedonia, Slovinia, and Sandzak
     (now Serbia)
  • Krok Pater Boemus- Lechia, Bohemia, Ruthenia
  • H.I.H Nero Leone Di Caesar - House of Cassara-DiGiovanna
  • His Imperial Highness Duke of Windsor
     (Old Norman- not of U.K) of Prussia, Persa, and Aribi
  • Rex Anglorum Saxonum Pater de Angles Pater des Old Aeaglaland
  • Grand Duke of Rus- Rurik of Ng 
  • Grand Duke of Novgorod and Kiev Monomakh
  • Grand Duke of Eesti
  • Duke of Longobardia (minor)
  • Duke of Uppsala
  • Duke of Westphalia
  • Duke of Lade
  • Prince of Hesse
  • Prince of Pomerania-Wolgast- House of Gryf
  • Prince of Carthage
  • Prince of Phoenicia, Tyre, Byblos, and Zufar, Imperial Majesty of Toron
  • Prince of Ponte Corvo-Gaeta
  • Prince of His Divine Emperor Albert- House of Luxembourg
  • Illustrious Highness Prince of Saxe
  • Prince of Tunisia and King of Greater Panormos
  • Prince Du Saint Empire
  • Prince of Theogonia 
  • Count of Bentheim, Graf zu Thuringa, HSH Prince zu Saxe-Gotha
  • Count of Normandy
  • Count of Schauenburg
  • Count of Salm-Neuburg
  • Lord of Kiel
  • Royal Majesty of Urushalim

Omini Principatus Imperiosus Domus of Rex rgis in Sarcalogos

Omni Principatus Imperiosus Chivalric Ordo of Rex rgis in Sarcalogos

Omni Principatus Imperiosus templum of Rex rgis in Sarcalogo

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